Donehogawa and Katoriesland congratulate Cruz on a hip score of 5;5 an elbow score of 0;0 and a clear eye test

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    Basic Rules and Guidelines With Regard to Postings and Chatbox


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    Basic Rules and Guidelines With Regard to Postings and Chatbox

    Post by Admin on Wed Sep 24, 2008 7:37 am

    Thanks for coming on here for a look around. We ask little of our members, but we do ask that you observe the common courtesies, i.e. be polite and no profanities. Anything that could be libellous or stretches the boundaries of common sense is not welcome on here and will be deleted immediately by us.
    Please tell us a little bit about yourself on the introduction section.To ensure the safety and security of the members on this site, and to discourage spammers, I am afraid anyone who doesn't will find their account deleted within 7 days.
    We have started this forum as we feel there is a space for a truly independent Utonagan Forum where anyone can come on and find out the facts about our dogs and speak to existing owners who will be only to willing to talk about their dogs and give advice and information.
    We have included a Chatbox as well, which is most likely to be used in the evenings. At the moment we will only put it up whilst we are on in order to ensure the security of your conversations.
    Any problems please let us know and we will endeavour to do our best to help you.
    Happy Chatting Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

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